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Primitive Beauty & Bottom Line Performance

Cattleana Ranch Galloways—Bred for Top Performance on Grass

Cattleana Ranch is located in the Upper Mid-West where hardy and "good-doing" cattle are an economic necessity. For over 12 years our Black Galloway herd has thrived exclusively on just hay and grass. Through genetic selection and environmental adaptation, they provide the best grass cattle "type" available for northern commercial cattlemen, as well as, seed-stock breeders.

Myth #1: Galloways are too small.

Fact: Cattleana Ranch’s "grass" cows range from 1000# to 1300#, with a 1700# to 1950# herd sire. The current sire, stands 52" tall, 92" long, with a girth at least equal to it's length.  There's not much air blowing between his stomach and the ground — grass-built!

Myth #2: Galloway Cattle are not good gainers

Fact: Cattleana Ranch’s steers and bulls have a ADG of 1.7 lbs a day from birth to processing with no corn or growth implants. They typically gain 3+ lbs/day during the controlled grass grazing season. During the 5 to 6 months of cold and snowy winters, they eat only mediocre hay.  Our steers will consistently finish within 24 months at select to low-choice, and often grade #1 or #2.

Myth #3: Cattle in the Upper Great Lakes Region must have shelter in the winter and shade in the summer.

Fact: Black Galloway’s are very unique animals that have a double hair coat. In our tough winters, it saves up to 25% on feed intake with no need to be pampered. In the summer, the adults slick down like Bison. Moreover, our Blacks are extremely economical to feed because they have been selected for their easy fleshing traits.  At Cattleana Ranch our animals never see the inside of a barn or shed.

Group Of Cattle

Cattleana Ranch Galloway cattle are bred for top performance on grass!

Our cattle are bred for:

  • Being good gainers
  • Easy keepers
  • Only grass and hay eaters
  • With great personalities
  • Having a tremendous will to survive & procreate. Plus, provide
  • Succulent, tasty, & tender beef that's good for your health



Our herd sire, Justin is from the Clarence's Dream bloodline, which is well known by Galloway breeders for their great carcasses and tender beef traits. He's been raised as a "grass" bull who has the correct grass body type. Justin's "get" demonstrate very easy-fleshing with compact, but well-developed bodies, having equal amounts of carcass on both ends, with great capacity.